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Starting Right With Bees 2018

The course will include weekly visits to the apiary (weather permitting) to enable students to gain practical experience with the bees, followed by a talk and group discussion.  

Topics covered will include:

The life-cycle and natural history of the honey bee

Seasonal bee management

The control and prevention of swarming

Beekeeping equipment

Honey production and processing

Bee pests and diseases

Demonstrators and Speakers: - learn from experienced and professional beekeepers

The course will run weekly on Mondays 6-8 pm from 7th of May until 2nd of July 2018 (omitting 28th of May) giving 8 sessions in all

Course fees: £50 including refreshments and course notes

A limited number of nucleus colonies of bees may be available for purchase to new beekeepers only

For further information please contact Ivor Flatman, tel 01924 257089, mob 07751 061753 or e-mail ivor.flatman@homecall.co.uk

Download and print the registration form here;

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