Wakefield & Pontefract Beekeepers


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Winter Meetings

We offer a interesting and varied range of subjects on Beekeeping related topics  

Winter  meetings  are  held at  at 7.30 p.m.

 Mon 24th Sept; Guest Speaker; Catherine Law  ‘Work of Buglife’


 Mon 29th Oct;  90th AGM and Honey Show Prize giving

 Mon 26th Nov; Guest Speaker; Tony Jefferson   ‘Heather Honey’

                         No Meeting in December

New Year 2019

Mon 28th Jan; Guest Speaker; Gerry Collins ‘What’s going on inside my hive’

Mon 25th Feb;  Guest Speaker; Christine Balshaw  ‘Bee Photography’


Mon 25th Mar; Guest Speaker; Wakefield Members ‘Microscopy / Nosema                                                                                                                Testing’

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