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Winter Meetings Important Update

We have a change of venue as of the 1st January 2019 all winter meetings will be at

 The Brig, 1 St Mary's Road, Altofts, WF6 2JH and the day is changing to the last Tuesday in the month.

This means January’s meeting will be on Tuesday 29th Jan; Guest Speaker; Gerry Collins ‘What’s going on inside my hive’ the start time stays the same at 7:30. Further updates will be posted on this web site when we have them.

This change is due to the Walton Driving Range no longer being available

WPBKA library

The association library is available to all WPBKA members, books are on a short term loan basis and can be picked up at a winter meeting no charge is made for this service. A list of the books can be downloaded from the Download page. Books must be requested in advance by e-mail at



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