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Changes to the winter meetings.

Tony Jefferson is unable to do the January meeting so we have moved Yvonne Kilvingtons ‘Bees in School’s’ to January 29th and on February the 26th  at great expense we have secured  Jim Pearson who has agreed to present his ‘Myths, Legends and Lies this is intended to be a thought provoking, interactive discussion, slightly tongue in cheek. We also have had to move the date of the 26th of March meeting this will now take place on the 19th of March,  Guest Speaker; John Chandler ‘Pollen in Honey Part 2’

Does anyone know the whereabouts of the association refractometer: Also one of the association bee suits was loaned out and has not been returned if you borrowed a suit could you please return it at the next meeting.

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Due to unforeseen circumstanceswe have had to make changes to the Winter meetings…….see details

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